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Make videos ready for playback on the DVD or TV devices
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Creates and edits video files that are compatible with DVD, HD, Youtube and other devices that support video playback. Includes more than 50 frame transitions and visual effects to enrich your videos. Share them online on the popular video streaming websites.

VideoPad Video Editor helps you create your own clips. Although it is not the kind of editor that I would call “advanced”, the program allows performing various functions that at least produce decent results. Probably due to the multiplicity of functions, the tool is not exactly appropriate for any type of user. Luckily, you can consult its online help documentation or watch its video tutorials in case you have any question.

The program´s interface is not very different from those of other editors. There are spaces reserved for such purposes as storing the media list, previewing video and managing effects and transitions. In this respect, the most important element is the timeline in which you organize the different media objects. It has separate tracks for video, audio, and overlays.

You can feed the media list with standard audio, picture and audio files; and, fortunately, a long list of formats is supported. Likewise, the editor can capture video from a camera or any other device that supports so. In addition, it can record footage directly from the screen.

The tool allows arranging objects on the tracks and applies various effects. Fortunately, it supports keyframe animation. Similarly, you can change playback speed and stabilize the image. The editor also allows embedding subtitles and overlay text. Also, it lets you adjust picture parameters, simulate 3D effects, make a given color transparent (chroma key) and add transitions between the clips. Besides, the editor allows applying audio effects to audio, such as amplify, chorus, distortion, and others. Equally, it can convert text to speech.

When the editing is finished, you can share the results in various ways. It is possible to save them in various formats, including lossless and 3D video. The tool can also burn the clips directly to disk or upload them to various social networks and cloud storage services.

All in all, VideoPad Video Editor has plenty of features that allow creating good quality videos. The program is fortunately very light but downloads additional components quite frequently. Good news is that the program can be used at no cost for non-commercial purposes. However, you will have to stand recurrent nagging screens and a lot of advertisement to other products by the same developer.

Pedro Castro
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  • Captures video from the screen or camera
  • Various tracks and overlay images
  • Keyframe animation
  • Image stabilizer
  • Multiple video effects
  • Simulates 3D effects
  • Uploads movies to the Internet
  • Burns movies to discs
  • Wide support of media formats
  • Multiple transitions
  • Audio effects


  • Does not support as many features as the leading products of this type
  • Frequent nag screens
  • Downloads additional components
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