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VideoPad is a video editing program with great capabilities and effects
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As it becomes clear from the program's name, VideoPad Video Editor is a program for editing your video files. The program is rather professional-oriented and is a little bit difficult to use for beginners like me. Fortunately, the developers provided an online help file, after reading which everything seems to be easier.

To start working with the program, you should add a video file into the program, then either add the whole clip to the sequence or add just a part of the clip to the sequence by setting start and end points. Added to the sequence, the clip will be cut into frames which you will be able to edit.

The applicable effects are numerous. Firstly, you are enabled to apply some color effects (for example, make the whole clip or a single frame black and white), adjust contrast, brightness and gamma, crop an image. You even can add a text, which may become subtitles of your clip; transition effects are also available. Moreover, the program allows you to add music to your video, no matter whether it was with sound or not. Just mute the clip, import an audio file and add it. But that is not all, audio can also be edited. Among the effects applicable to audio are echo, chorus, compressor, flanger, etc. The volume of audio is also adjustable. What is more, the program allows you to create the so-called narrations, i.e. you can record your comments and also add it to the clip.

Finally, you will be able to save resulting videos to your PC or any portable device, and even burn them to CD or DVD.

I have tried to mention all the features of the program, but surely my review does not cover all its possibilities. You better try it yourself and decide whether you like it or not.

Andrew Do
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  • Free
  • Lots of video and audio effects


  • A little bit difficult for beginners
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